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The relationship we establish with our customers is a source of pride for us at DAMS Incorporated. We design our custom metal fabrication products for contractors who share our commitment to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. DAMS Incorporated’s exclusive design and attention to detail have established the standard for this industry.

Custom Metal Fabricators of architectural ornamental metal, aluminum sunshades and grilles, composite panels, glass door rails, and specialty metal components

To see contact information for our team, simply click on the state.


To see contact information for our team, simply click on state to the left.

Chris Durante 
Western Regional Sales
Phone: 708-224-4333 
Mobile: 702-561-4445

Thomas Cater 

Eastern Regional Sales
Phone: 708-224-4334 
Mobile: 980-225-2930


DAMS Incorporated - Architectural Metals


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Matthew JaBaay
Phone: 708-224-4320

Trip Hummel
Phone: 708-224-4306