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Eggcrate Sunshades

- Can decrease energy usage and cost

- Wide variety of infill and outrigger
styles available

- Custom design and engineering
meet wind or load performance needs

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Eggcrate Sunshades – EG Series

Brise Soleil Manufacturers

Eggcrate Sunshades marry the best parts of both sun shades and architectural grilles. They are an economical way of creating a shading / sun control device that can be mounted to virtually any structure.

When Eggcrate Sunshades are incorporated into a structure, these sunshades are an excellent way to match the unique grille style and incorporate it into the rest of the architectural elements around the structure.

Brise Soleil Manufacturers

Product Features

Brise Soleil Manufacturers
  • Eggcrate Sunshades attach to curtain wall or facade
  • All outriggers, fascias and infill can be customized to fulfill any design
  • Eggcrate Sunshades integrate solar input during heating seasons and lower heat transfer during cooling seasons
  • Wide variety of eggcrate sunshades bar thickness, spacing, depth options
  • PVDF (Kynar®) resin based coatings for long term finish warranties
  • Eggcrate Sunshades gain LEED credit for recycled content and energy savings
  • Design options may include straight and tilted blades
  • Custom fabrication available to match the contour of the building
  • Eggcrate Sunshades re-direct and deflect sunlight from entering windows

An Economical Way of Creating Shade

DAMS Incorporated Eggcrate Sunshades are an excellent way to do just that!

Brise Soleil Manufacturers


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