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DAMS Architectural Metal Solutions

DAMS Incorporated is a custom Architectural Metal solutions company specializing in innovative custom metal fabrication seeking LEED certification. We are experts in designing and creating interior and exterior Architectural Aluminum Fabrication and Architectural Stainless Steel components to add style and accent to any structure.

DAMS Incorporated are proud to offer: 

DAMS Incorporated leads the way in innovative design in Architectural Aluminum Fabrication. Our dominant position in the industry is the product of exceptional customer service, retention of customers and customer referrals as a result of our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, project engagement and performance.  Every detail of your order can be tracked 24 hours a day with our online project management client portal.


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Excellence in architectural aluminum fabrication is the common thread woven throughout the fabric of all of the DAMS Incorporated Architectural Metal companies.  Every product meets or exceeds construction and performance benchmarks so that any project will be of unquestioned quality.

We firmly believe that this dedication to our customers’ success is critical to our own.

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